About Us

Our vision is to deliver the next reference Operating System, SynapOS, covering the entire IT spectrum, from the smallest IoTs to the most complex embedded systems while creating a greener, safer and faster interconnected world.

With the massive arrival of IoTs in our daily life and the development of more and more complex systems, the OS is at the corner stone of the next IT revolution. We are convinced that it is time to use new operating system technology to efficiently and safely operate all electronic devices and take full advantage of the connected world.

We know that this can only be achieved by a new and disruptive OS generation, fully distributed and based on determinism, capable to share hardware resources in order to offer Machine-to-Machine (M2M) operation as well as Edge Computing.

We believe that only an innovative and breakthrough OS architecture can answer the requirements of tomorrow’s connected world, providing at the same time RTOS, GPOS and Hypervisor Bare Metal features coupled with unrivaled performance (speed, latencies, data safety, security from boot and loader layers, scalability), ultra-low power consumption and hardware adherence.

Based on this statement, we have decided to develop a suite of operating systems combining all the key features listed previously and adapted to the different needs and uses of our connected world. SynapOS’ suite includes:

  • SynapOS: First OS version already available and compatible with any hardware and applications programed in C language. It encompasses a middleware (TV, App-store, etc.) and a service platform for app-store development/management;
  • SynapOS for MicroPython: The best solution for MicroPython developers, providing the maximum features and running your IoTs with the minimum footprint;
  • SynapOS for Linux: The only OS capable to tremendously sublimate Linux by porting Linux Kernel while managing on its behalf all the I/Os and interruptions with the hardware;
  • SynapOS Full Stack: Ultimate version of SynapOS combining the three previous versions within a unique OS to answer to your most complex and demanding requirements.
This new OS generation is inherited from the technology entirely developed by an independent French Lab, HyperPanel Lab, located in Saclay, south of Paris. This technology, based on Finite States Machine, has been designed over the last 20+ years by a team of passionate and leading engineers, and has already been implemented at different stages:
  • 1992: realization of the first interactive retrieval and transmission system for high-resolution images for the media;
  • 1996: realization and worldwide deployment of the first interactive digital TV middleware for the Canal+ Group;
  • 2005: realization and deployment of the RTOS and the middleware that powered the arrival of the Digital Terrestrial Television in France;
  • 2017: realization of the complete SynapOS version, scalable, spreadable and combining for the first time the features of a bare metal hypervisor, GPOS, RTOS and a service platform for app-store development/management.
Through the SynapOS suite, we offer our Customers the unique chance to break down the current technological barriers and perpetuate the uses and technological investments made from the IoTs to the Cloud infrastructures via the embedded systems. With this solution, our customers have the unique opportunity to challenge their imagination and write beyond the limits the next steps of our connected world while capitalizing on the benefits of Linux.
With SynapOS, everything becomes possible again.